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APP Releases

1. List View Enabled

2. Progress bar in each Load

3. Signed APK

4. Defult Value Live

5. Registration Tunned

6. List Data Type Added in Web

1. Form Owner Can See the others data

2. Form Owner Can Modify the others data

3. Once Modify any data by Owner, Data will be of Owner

4. Other User can modify own data

5. Other User can See the own Data

6. Optimized the app and remove some bug

1. Form design has given three new fields viz Caption, default value and list value.

2. As per caption, form is being created by app dynamically

3. Default value is auto filled

4. All system error is now showing human readable string

5. Focus colour is being modified

6. Icon added in app

1. Forget Password Live.

2. Own Form Data Report

3. Filled data can be seen through app also

1. Group Creation.

2. Access right to Specific group or User

3. Access right Revoke

4. Restrict the other user to see others forms